Policies and Requirements

Player/Parent Handbook

Please download, read and review the information in the Handbook.


Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) Requirements

Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) is the governing organization for all Washington State HS sports

WIAA Mandatory Completion of 12 Football Practice Days:

Players must complete 12 practice days to qualify to play in a WIAA sanction football game – multiple practices per day count as only 1 practice day 

WIAA & LWHS Sports Injury Policy    

LWHS Athletic Trainer - Delaney Farmer  


Players are required to be evaluated by the Athletic Trainer at time injury occurs.

Player’s injury will be assessed by the Athletic Trainer and parents contacted for further consultation.

Players who have additional treatment by a medical doctor (for Injury or Illness) must obtain a release letter from the doctor addressed to the Athletic Trainer, in order to be authorized to return to practice.

Player will not be allowed to return to practice w/o completion of steps above

WIAA:  If an athlete does not provide a clearance note from the medical provider, they are ineligible to participate.  If the athlete participates in a competition while ineligible, their team would need to forfeit that competition

LWHS Athletic Trainer’s website has additional information

LW Football Team Policies

LW Football Team membership is an earned privilege

Each player is held accountable to the Team, teammates, and coaches for all on and off the field conduct.

Academics is the # 1 priority above football

Mandatory Practice Attendance:

Player makes season commitment to teammates, and coaches

Practice attendance recorded daily. 

Arrive 15 minutes early – required to be fully prepared when practice starts


Game Week Absences

Normal Game Week has 4 practices

4/4   – Eligible to play & start

3/4    – Eligible to play, No start

2/4   – No game, eligible to travel/wear jersey

0-1/4 – No game, no travel, no jersey

Player Football Equipment:        

Player safety is the absolute top priority at LWHS Football

LW player football equipment averages 8 seasons or newer

Players are individually measured and properly fitted per football equipment industry guidelines and training

Players sign for check out equipment

Players are financially responsible for any equipment not returned at the end of the season.Replacement cost fines are placed on players LW Student Account.

Players are responsible to purchase their own cleats, and integrated girdle.All players are required to wear an integrated girdle under their practice and game pants for contact protection. LW does not stock hip, thigh, and tail bone pads.