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2024 Season Info Night presentation

Understanding the Football Program


Kang Football is comprised of several separate but related programs that are intended to provide student athletes with year-round fitness, training and team building activities.

Athletic Seasons

The Lake Washington School District  divides the year into Winter Sports, Spring Sports, Summer Athletics and Fall  Sports. Football is considered a Fall Sport with Summer Athletics.

To participate in any of these activities,  student athletes must be registered with the district during the open enrollment period for each season.

How We Manage It

Managing a football program with multiple teams and a 100+  players, coaches and staff across the whole year is complex. Some elements are managed by the Lake Washington School District and others are managed by the Kang team and the Gridiron Booster Club.

Registering for the Summer or Fall Football Season

There are several steps involved in registering your student for the football program, getting them connected with the team communications system and making sure that parents/guardians are kept informed.

Student Activities 

Parent Activities 

Required Parent/Guardian Volunteer Time

When you look at all the games and events throughout the year across all three teams,  there are more than 100 jobs that require a volunteer. We need each student athlete's family to take on at least two of these jobs so that we can cover everything.

Program Cost

The football program is completely dependent on parents and guardians in the three key areas of financing, volunteering and being a fan. Without this support the program cannot run.

We appreciate and acknowledge that every family's situation is different. For some families, time and financing are easy to give. For other families, time or money might be more of a challenge and we understand that too. That's why we are a Kang Family! We look for each family to help the best they can, where and when they can and we trust that we'll have more than enough time and money to do what is needed to give the players a great experience.

Matching Funds & Matching Time

Many companies will provide matching funds for financial donations employees make to qualified charities. In some cases companies will also make a financial contribution for each volunteer hour their employees spend on qualified charities. The Gridiron Club is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.

Please consider if your donations can be matched by your employer and submit the requests whenever possible.


We appreciate that families have their own views and abilities when it comes to paying for their student athlete's program costs.

If a family is able and wants to write a check upfront for the season costs and not engage in community fundraising, that is fine. For others, the Gridiron Club coordinates several fundraising activities throughout the year to help families defer the program costs. These events may include:

Hour-A-Thon - Students collect names of extended family and friends and make calls asking for financial donations
Gold Book - Athletes can sell coupon books that advertise local businesses
Auction  - A Kang football tradition. The Annual Auction is a chance to eat, drink, socialize and bid on fabulous merchandise
Program Advertisements  - We sell advertisement space in the game program

Check out our current Fundraising Campaigns

Scholarships & Scholarship Donations

When possible, the Gridiron Club  tries to offer partial or full financial scholarships for student athletes for who need it. We don't want finances to  be a blocker to students who want to play football.  

We gratefully accept donations from individuals and businesses that wish to contribute to  funding scholarships.

Program costs per Player - funded through parent donations

Be a Fan!

An essential part of any successful football program are the Fans. We encourage all parents, guardians, family and friends to come out to each game and cheer on the Kangs! 

When the stands are full of excited, encouraging and supportive fans, the athletes feel and feed on the energy. It enhances their confidence and commitment and they dig a little deeper and give the game their all. 

You can also wear your Kang Pride by visiting the online KangStore to buy your favorite Kang Gear.

Additional Information and Questions

Parents and Guardians should start by reviewing this page as well as Key Dates and Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have additional questions please contact:

Go Kangs!