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Welcome to the Gridiron Gangs

Tough times call for creative ideas, and we are certainly in challenging times. Here is our fund-raising challenge:

  • Football requires funds beyond the school and athletic fees
  • We need to raise $40,000 to maintain our existing football program
  • We do not want to send our kids out fundraising during COVID
  • Our normal sponsors are having a very difficult time and short on $’s
  • Challenging enough?

So, the Gridiron board is recommending we replace all fund-raising efforts this year with a single fundraising program… The Kang Gridiron Booster Club VIP Program. 

It is an opportunity for individuals & families that can afford to contribute into the program directly to do so.  It is a chance for us to create some unique experiences for those people to recognize their valuable contributions.  And
if we hit our $40,000 target, we can be done with all fund-raising for the year.
How can you help… JOIN OUR GANG!!  There are four different levels available, so find the right one for you and your family and join now. Welcome to the all-new Kang Football VIP Program.    

  • Platinum  $5000 Donation
  • Gold         $2500 Donation
  • Black        $1500 Donation
  • Purple       $ 500 Donation

Donations go directly to support our student athletes and the program.  Funding player scholarships, jerseys, pads, coach training, video/camera equip, Team Dinners, and funds Hudl for our players to review plays and become better athletes.  

Our goal is to cover the fundraising needs for the complete year, eliminating our need to keep coming back to you asking for more.  You can Donate Now by clicking the Donate NOW Paypal Link below, which will take you to the Gridiron Paypal Site or go to the Kang Football Website. 


Once we receive your donation, we will reach out to you directly to discuss your new VIP status.  Do not forget we are a charitable organization and you can double your donation through your company’s matching program.

Not Convinced Yet?

To encourage participation, the Gridiron board members are personally matching the first Platinum donation received.  That means your platinum donation will put $10,000 into the program plus your company match. 

Read the details below on the different donor levels or give one of your Gridiron board members a call to discuss. 

Platinum Kang Club VIP $5000 Donation

The first single family or business to donate $5,000 will be matched by the Gridiron Booster Club Officers personally and will guarantee you all benefits of Tier 1-Kang Club VIP. 

Gold Kang Club VIP $2500 Donation

  • Invitation to a private Kang VIP Tailgate party
  • Evening with Coach Andy Arena & coaching staff including dinner
  • VIP Parking space for home games (depending on construction)
  • Invite to a Team Dinner
  • 2 Free Auction tickets
  • 1 LW Blanket
  • 2 LW T-Shirts
  • 4 LW Hats
  • 4 LW Face Masks
  • 1 LW Car Decal to show your Kang pride

Black VIP $1500 Donation

  • Invitation to a private Kang VIP Tailgate party
  • Invite to a Team Dinner
  • 1 LW Blanket
  • 2 LW Hats
  • 2 LW Face Masks
  • 1 LW Car Decal to show your Kang pride

Purple VIP $500 Donation

  • Invite to a Team Dinner
  • 2 LW Hats
  • 2 LW Face Masks
  • 1 LW Car Decal to show your Kang pride

As always, we appreciate everyone's support of the Kang Football Program as we look forward to the upcoming season!  Go Kangs!!!

Kang Football Gridiron Booster Club

Fundraising Status - June 22

25% of $40,000 Goal  ACHIEVED


VIP Program VIP Count

Platinum ($5,000)

Gold ($2,500) 2
Black ($1,500) 1
Purple ($500) 1


$10,000 Donated

(Includes Matching)

Kang Football News for June 2020

Parents & Players,
I hope you are all doing well and finding some normalcy again in your lives.  There are a lot of moving parts to the football story these days, so once again we are going to do our best to update you on the most important topics.   The best news is that Football is here, maybe not the way we are used to, but it is here none the less. So, let us get started!!!

We are Planning to play football in the fall!

  • Is this for sure?  Absolutely not.  But if we do not prepare, we will be caught unprepared.      
  • WA state Phase 4 allows for large gathering and state authorities are working on what school will look like in the fall as well as what and how sports programs would work.
  • There have been discussions of delayed starts and swapping football to the spring, and any number of other topics, including a normal season starting in August.
  • Until we are told different… We are Planning on Playing a Normal Season of Football beginning in August!
  • If we are told something different, you will be told immediately.

Spring/Summer Football is HERE, but like everything it is a little different this year.

  • First, we will not be having coach lead practices until King County enters Phase 3 of the COVID Recovery Plan.
  • Unfortunately, that means no spring football practices, no football camp, and no football gear handed out until fall practices begin.
  • Given King County is currently in a modified Phase 1 status and there is a mandatory 3-week period between phases, we are assuming Coach lead practices will start the week of July 6th or 13th. (see attached graphic).  This is our best GUESS and will be updated as we receive more information.  
  • Once we begin practices, the coaching staff has up to 20 practices to use prior to August and I am sure they will want to use as many as they can.
  • Second, there are football related practices available for our athletes NOW.
    • M-W-F “Teams” workouts @ 7PM.  If you have not heard about these, we are asking all the athletes to join into 1-hour fitness workouts through the TEAMS app.  If you follow this link, it will take you to the practices.   It is a great workout and a chance for kids to join into an online team event.
    • Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
    • Gridiron workouts.  These workouts will start forming this week and be led by parent volunteers.  Groups of 5 or less athletes doing agility and fitness focused field workouts 2-3 times per week.    We are seeking parent volunteers now (see below) and will be reaching out to athletes this week.

How can you get involved?  I am glad you asked…

  • We need parent volunteers for the gridiron workouts.  Commit to 90 minutes 2-3 times per week to lead groups of 5 athletes through fitness and agility workouts.    We will begin forming and launching these sessions based on parental volunteers.  We currently have 5 parents volunteered to lead sessions.   We need another 10-15 to cover all our athletes.   Contact Chris Stockwell at to sign up or get your questions answered.
  • Fitness level is key to your athlete’s safety and successful involvement in the football program.  Encourage your athlete to join the work outs on Microsoft Teams, participate in a Grid Iron work out, hit your home gym or challenge them to a Crestwood’s staircase challenge.
  • FUNDRAISING!!!   Our goal is to not put our kids out into the community for fundraising this year.  That means we need a new program to cover the financial needs of the program.  This week will be launching that new program… The GRIDIRON GANG.  For all of you that have dealt with fundraising fatigue and said, why can’t I just write a check and be done with this…. WE have the program for you.   Check your email later this week to become a part of a Gridiron gang.     

Thank you for your support.  All of us on the Grid Iron board are looking forward to a great football season and working with all of you to create a terrific experience for your athletes.
Kang Football Gridiron Booster Club





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