GridIron Booster Club

Mission Statement

The Gridiron Club provides support to the Lake Washington High School football program by enhancing the high school player experience.  We encourage and support teamwork, discipline, and respect for others that comes from participating in organized athletic competition.  We provide funding that is generally above and beyond the resources of the school and school district in order to provide activities, equipment, and coaching support deserving of a championship caliber football team. 

The Gridiron Club conducts social and fundraising events throughout the year and members volunteer a significant amount of time for the betterment of the program.  We promote enthusiastic and positive behavior at football games by upholding the highest standards of spirit and sportsmanship and by letting our players play and our coaches coach.  We also act as a liaison between the football team, coaches, parents and the general public.

Gridiron Board

Executive Board

President JR Duryee

Vice President John Loy
  (and Fundraising)  

Treasurer Woody Woodall

Secretary Caitlin Holmes

Varsity Team Rep. Yvonne Holecek

JV Team Rep. Ravit Aviram

C Team Rep, To be filled

Team Dinner Lead Caitlin Holmes

Merchandise Chair Jennifer Loy

Events Coordinator Melissa Porter

Communications April Peterson

Peripheral Excellence Group

Web Master Eric Schulz

Steward of Traditions Lisa Jahnke

Help Wanted

We are looking for to fill the following role(s):

If you're Interested in helping, please contact