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Gridiron Board Members 2021-2022 Season

Name Board Position Email Address

Andy Arena

Head Coach

Blue Andrews

JV Team Representative

Marc Ericson C Team Representative

Chris Stockwell


Andy Allred


Alison Sheffer

Varsity Team Rep.

Heather Kastler


Eric Schulz Web Master
Ryan Creek Videographer

Help Wanted


We are looking for people to help in several key areas:
Communications Director
Team Dinner Co-Coordinator

If you're Interested in helping, please contact


Recent Gridiron Board News

Spring Fund Raiser

By 04/30/2022, 11:30am PDT

Speed Development

By Coach Arena 12/14/2021, 9:45pm PST

off-season conditioning

Final Raffle Drawing Results

By 10/27/2021, 6:30pm PDT

Thank you to everyone who supported this program

Last Weeks Raffle Drawing

By 10/22/2021, 9:45am PDT

BUY NOW, Last chance

Final Drawing is this week!

Gridiron Booster Weekly Letter

By 09/23/2021, 8:45am PDT

Week 4 vs Bellevue

Gridiron Booster Weekly Letter

By 09/16/2021, 10:15am PDT

Week 3 @ Juanita

Gridiron Booster Weekly Letter

By 09/08/2021, 2:15pm PDT

Week 2 vs Inglemore