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Frequently asked questions

You have questions, we have answers!


-How do I register with the school for the 2018 season?

Players must register their child through the Lake Washington School District website through Parent Access.  Registration opens August 1.  Specific details about requirements and dates can be found under the registration tab on the website.

-What is Athletic Clearance, and when does that occur?

In order to receive equipment and participate in practices, players must be cleared by the Athletic Office and receive a “Golden Ticket” as proof of clearance.  PLAYERS THAT ARE NOT CLEARED WILL NOT RECEIVE EQUIPMENT AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN PRACTICE—NO EXCEPTIONS!

-How does a player receive Athletic Clearance and their Golden Ticket?

The Athletic Office has created a checklist regarding how to get cleared.  Please review the checklist to ensure that all forms (both paper and online) are completed.  A summary of the checklist is listed below:

  • Pay all outstanding fines (Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors only)
  • Have at least a 2.0 GPA from the previous semester (Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors only)
  • Purchase an ASB Card
  • Pay the Participation Fee (Note: Parents of students who are unable to afford the fee should contact the Athletic Office and complete a Sports Fee Waiver Request Form)
  • Have a medical history form on file with the Athletic Office (valid for one year)
  • Have a physical evaluation form on file with the Athletic Office (valid for two years)

-When is the Athletic Office open so players can be cleared?

The Athletic Office opens on Monday August 13 at 9:00 a.m.  Athletic clearance will occur August 13 – August 16 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Players who are not cleared by August 16 should contact the Athletic Office about times after the 16th.

Please Note: The Athletic Office will be closed for lunch between the hours of  Noon and 1 PM daily the week of August 13th.

In the past players and parents have arrived during those times only to find out they had to wait or come back so please try to avoid that time.

-Do players need to obtain a physical in order to play?  And how long does a physical last?

 All players are required to have a recent physical to participate.  Physicals last for two years; however If the player’s sports physical expires anytime during the upcoming regular season, they must have a new one before they will be cleared to practice.

-Do players need to provide any relevant medical history to the school?

Yes, in addition to having a physical form on file, a medical history form is required to be on file with the Athletic Office in order to participate.  Medical history forms are valid for one year.

-How much does it cost to play football at the high school?
For the 2018 school year, the Lake Washington School District charges a fee of $200 for each sport and student athletes must purchase an ASB card for $50. An individual student athlete that plays 3 sports only has to pay for two pay to play fees. Families have a maximum payment limit of $725 for the school year.  Parents of students who are unable to afford the fee should contact the Athletic Office and complete a Sports Fee Waiver Request Form.

-What football equipment is provided?

The school provides helmets, shoulder pads, practice pants, game belt, knee pads, home and away game uniforms (jersey and pants), and an equipment bag.  Players must provide football cleats, mouth guards, and an integrated girdle.  Additionally, players may want to acquire other equipment such as padded shirts, long sleeve shirts for warmth, gloves, arm pads, etc.  Personal face shields can be worn by players but they must be clear per WIAA - and please note, face shields tend to fog up when the temperatures get cooler (clear face shields are a safety requirement – coaches must be able to see players eyes at all times).

Also it is recommend for players to purchase two mouth guards, and have both on hand (one always gets lost during the season)

Finally, players are accountable / responsible to return all equipment at the end of the season signed out by them.  Replacement cost for any / all missing items will be applied to the player LWHS Student Account.  Total issued equipment is $1,100 on average per player.

-When is gear handed out?

Gear handout for the season is Tuesday, August 14, at the following times: 

Seniors – 9:00 AM

Juniors –10:00 AM 

Sophomores – 11:00 AM

Freshmen – 2:00 PM

Players who cannot attend their assigned time must contact Coach Whaley to make arrangements to obtain their gear.

-Is bus transportation provided for football players to games? 

Yes.  All players are required to take the team bus to away football games.
-When and where do practices occur? 

The first practice is Wednesday, August 15, 2018, at Lake Washington High School.  Times for all practices will be posted on the website calendar.

All teams practice at LWHS, but usually in a different locations.  The Varsity/JV typically will be in the stadium while the C-Team will often be at the upper baseball field.  C-Team, JV and Varsity all Practice Monday through Friday (practice on Saturdays only occurs in August). Typical practice times during the regular season is from 3:20pm to 5:50pm.   In Pre-season the times can change and there are also some multiple practice days and Saturday practices during August, so please keep an eye on the team calendar to confirm.

-How long do practices last?

Practices prior to the first game will be two hours.  Practices during the school year will be 90 minutes.  Check the website calendar for specific practice times.

-Is it correct that there are practices on Saturday 8/18 and 8/25?

Yes.  There will be practices on these two Saturdays.


-Why do some dates have two practice times?

On certain days, there will be two separate practices.  Players should attend both practices on these dates.

-Who should be notified if a player is going to miss a practice?

Players are to notify only Head Coach Arena, Coach Whaley, Coach Mendoza (C-Team Players) or Coach Anderson if they will be absent. Coaches should be notified in advance if a player is going to miss a practice.  More specific information will be provided by the coaching staff and team representatives but please plan to have your player be in charge of letting the coaches know about absences.  Coaches contact information is posted on the KANG Football website.  Players asking another player to inform the coaches of a missed practice is not acceptable.  Players will be given a review of the policy including a list of excusable absences (school, family, drivers ed, medical appointments, illness, etc.) on August 14 Logistic Day.

Missing practice without contacting any of the coaches listed above prior to will be considered an unexcused absence.   Head Coach Arena will review and determine if the player missed practice is excused or unexcused.

-Do players have to attend a certain number of practices before playing in a game?

Yes!  Players must have 12 practice days before being eligible to play in a game.  The practice days start on the first day of practice for the season (Wednesday, August 15).  Any practices and workouts prior to this date do not count.  Attending one or both practices during two-a-days only count as one practice day and the scrimmage on August 24 counts as one practice.  If a player misses four or more consecutive scheduled practice days, the missed days are subtracted towards the required 12 practice days needed.  For example, if a player attends the first five practices days and then misses the next four consecutive practice days, the player will only have credit for one practice day and needs 11 more practice days in order to play in a game.  The scrimmage on August 24 counts as a practice.  Please contact Coach Whaley if you have any additional questions about game eligibility.

-If players wear a long sleeve undershirt (like an Under Armour shirt), does it have to be a particular color?


-Are players expected to lift weights during the off-season or while they are playing other sports?
Players are encouraged to utilize the weight room during the off-season if they are not participating in another sport.  Times for the weight room will be on the team calendar.

A players’ first priority is the sport that they are participating in during that sports “season” (fall, winter or spring). Every sports program at the high school has some type of strength and conditioning program for their players during the season and off season. Strength and agility training are vital to successful football participation. Players need to put on muscle mass in order to compete against older/stronger athletes and to remain healthy. It is important to include agility and speed training with a weight program, so that an athlete remains agile as his body grows heavier. For multi-sport athletes, playing another sport that emphasizes quickness (basketball, soccer or track) can be just as beneficial. This provides a break from the physical demands of football, use of different muscle groups and continued conditioning for the athlete.
-Is there a parent organization that supports LW Kang Football?
Yes, the Gridiron Booster Club.  This is strictly a voluntary organization, and your help is greatly needed and strongly encouraged in order for this program to work and be successful.
-How can I help?
We need volunteers in many areas. Some ways you can help are to work the chains on home games, be a spotter in the booth, help run the scoreboard, help serve meals at the Thursday night team dinners, help fundraise or coordinate team events. 
-When can I start?
Right away! We welcome all the help we can get! It is really fun and also a great way for freshman parents to meet other football parents.  If you are interested please contact-