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2019 Equipment Turn In

2019 Football Team Equipment Return Policy


Game and Practice Jerseys & Pants

  • Any unlaundered and/or wet clothing will not be accepted.
  • Player’s parents will be notified that evening of the unaccepted items.


  • Players are to remove mouth guards, visors, and player owned chin straps
  • Decals may be removed by players to keep if they wish

Shoulder Pads

  • MUST BE air dry or will not be accepted.

Travel Bags

  • MUST BE air dry inside or will not be accepted.


Winter Sports

Players must return all their football equipment before moving on to another LW sport.

Players will not be cleared to participate in any LW team sports until all football equipment is returned

Missing Equipment:

Players are strongly encouraged to turn in all equipment they have, including extras.

No harm; no foul.  You will be helping out teammates who are missing items.

Player’s missing equipment at their return session will have it either accounted for, or confirmed missing, following completion of end of season inventory.

LW Athletic Office will fine the player’s LWHS Student Account and notify player parents in early December.

Player are encouraged to check with Coach Whaley prior to return date to review what equipment has been checked out to them during the season.

2019 Equipment Return Process


MANDATORY ATTENDANCE  on  ASSIGNED DATE & TIME for equipment returns.  (See attached lists for your name and  session)

  1. Each session will begin when all scheduled players are present.  Don’t be late and hold up your teammates.
  2. Players will line up along all the Aux Gym walls @ 5 ft. apart.  Spread out each item on the floor in front of them so each is visible - jersey and Travel Bag numbers visible on top.  Coach Whaley will check off the items returned.  Process takes @ 15- 30 minute
  3. Players will then meet with Coach Arena immediately after equipment returns to clear out their football locker. 
  4. Players must have both equipment returned and locker cleaned out to prevent fines to their Student Account / parents called




  1. Parents will receive a phone call the evening of the missed session.
  2. Players must make an appointment within 24 hours with Coach Whaley to return late equipment, or, players will be turned over to Athletic Director O’Leary for further action (Student Account fines, parents called, etc.)
  3. Players must be present when returning their late equipment to Coach Whaley.  Unattended returns will not be processed / fines will remain in place.

Coaches Arena and Mendoza may accept late equipment from a player during the school day; however:

  1. They will not process the returned late equipment, nor remove fines

2019 Equipment Return Schedule

Freshmen - Group 1
Monday 11/11  1 PM
Freshmen - Group 2
Monday 11/11  3 PM
Sophomores - Group 1
Tuesday 11/12  3 PM
Barnett, Adrian     Nguyen, Justin   Acevedo Viser, Donavan
Benbow, Joshua   Nierby, Josh   Adams, Michael
Berdeja, Michael    Norman, Nikolai   Allen, Tommy
Creek, Cody   Owens, Nathan   Allred, Drew
Cubias- Gonzalas, Aiven   Pelayo Gomez, Joshua   Barrett, Preston
Deblieck, Lucas   Poole, Christopher    Buchun-Thacker, Mikah
Doerfel, Ethan   Quinn, Conor   Buycks, Caleb
Ferrin, Caleb   Records, Nick   Chan, Owen
Fulton, Colin   Sedo, Sam   Claus, Khade
Garcia Cervantes, Aaron   Sheffer, Brady   Green, Hunter
Johnson, Jack   Silvestrini, Luca   Jones, Carson
Kastler, Dallas   Stockwell, Liam   Karkutly, Adam
Keats, Charlie   Toungate, Nick    Klinkenberg, Owen
Madaki, Robert     Tran, Jacob   Lake, Thomas
Maggiora, Nicholas    Williams, Joshua    
Martin, Chase   Worland, Fenton    
Mittelman, Uri    Yubuf, Abdimalik (Abdi)    
Nehrhood, Josh        
18   17   14
Sophomores - Group 2
Wednesday 11/13
1 PM
Wednesday  11/13
3 PM
Thursday 11/14  3 PM
Lee, Nathen   Abbasi, Haskir   Brady, Tristan
Loza, Steven    Bauer, Kilian   Bravo, Enrique
Lux, Ethan   Blaskovich, Matthew   Brooks, Ke'shawn
Lyons, Jamel      Branum, Bridger   Campbell, Calvin
Mcginnis, Christian     Curley, Brett    Dean, David
Mott, Alex    Hedges, Duncan   Dillard, Josiah
Opara, Nicholas   Isenberg, Niklas   Earl, Max
Roussell, Kalin             Jahnke, Chris   Eichner, Nate
Vanderstelt, Caleb   Janson, Kevin   Freed, Ronan,
Voelker, Jagger   Jensen-Moore, Miles   Gardner, James
Wagstaff, Aidan           Johnsen, Andrew   Helf, Joey
Wheaton, Jr, Roniel    Kaczmarek, Mathew   Hudson, Sam
Williams, Jabrilo   Kenney, Matt   Koester, Dominic
Williams, Jonah   Khilfeh, Faris   Kurowski, Orion
    Newcomer, Tyler   Latourelle, Deacon
14   Patrick, Brenden   Liggett, Evan
    Reese, Oliver   Schilling-George, Kobe
    Scheffler, Joe   Serr, Henry
    Toungate, Joshua   Slater, Jerimiah
        Smith, Dylan
    19   Sweeney, Liam
        Thomson, Ryan
        Volker, Jakson
        Webb, Spencer
        Williams, Eric 
        Wojtacha, Jaeden